ProTrak International Releases CRM application to an Upgrade of BlackBerry

ProTrak International currently declared the release of ProTrak Mobile 2.0, an upgrade to the BlackBerry section of their popular CRM application. The new release will ship in the coming weeks. ProTrak Mobile which was produced by ProTrak mainly for the ProTrak Advantage CRM system, features whole secure wireless access to the ProTrak database for searches, retrieval and updates to the CRM central database.

ProTrak Mobile was expressly planned and acquired to have the same look and feel as our CRM solution, rather than just placing a pre-developed BlackBerry package on top of ProTrak”, said Simon Koziel, president of ProTrak. In that spirit, this new release adds various characteristics that increase the ease of use and consistency with the ProTrak CRM platform.
For instance, ProTrak Mobile 2.0 displays the ability to view documents (RFPs, proposals, etc.) attached to ProTrak activities directly on the BlackBerry smartphone. Addresses will be able to be reckoned in Google Maps and hot keys were added to let one-click viewing of Activity and Follow up Notes as well as Company points.

ProTrak Mobile permits users Send and Add e mails to ProTrak whether they are in their Blackberry Contact Address Book, in the ProTrak Mobile application or responding to an email. And, when receiving emails with contacts not previously entered in the CRM, ProTrak Mobile 2.0 allows users add a contact aided by the new contact automatically linked to the email activity in the CRM.

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