OEM Partners Can Place SugarCRM in Custom Applications

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Platform Edition, a new customer relationship management suite was established late last week. It allows independent software vendors and distributors to implant its commercially-managed CRM software into business packages. SugarCRM’s CEO, Larry Augustin, believed that said edition offers custom solutions to customers and aids the growth of OEM partners.

Using the Platform Edition, OEMs can bring SugarCRM into a system solution for managing customer’s data which can be expanded on cloud platforms and avoid lock-in for the customers. It is used to share knowledge within an organization. It will also confer its main concern in controlling sales and work-flow services, leads and prospects.

Announced with the Platform Edition is the new set of development tools called Sugar Logic that was established for customizing said platform. It contains PHP and JavaScript libraries that is used to extend work-flow and business-logic tools.

Laura DiDio, an analyst for Information Technology Intelligence Corp said that SugarCRM must go deep into the OEM channel, because its own sales channel is not enough for its growth. 

Platform Edition, which empowers OEM partners, as what Martin Schneider, senior director of communication at SugarCRM have said, will help such partners to apply and modify the functions they need for a particular customer. With Sugar Logic, they could avail previously unavailable tools but these are currently directed to developers and available only to OEMs however it will be presented to anyone as part of general 6.1 releases. These tools will include those functions created for non-coders’ use.

SugarCRM is a premier contributor of commercial open-source CRM software and they currently have more than 600,000 users in 80 languages, having more than 6,000 customers. A CRM Acceleration Tour in Europe, with free single-day sessions with business leaders to discuss about CRM and its contribution on social media, will be conducted by SugarCRM this week. A native iPhone CRM app is anticipated to be also released by SugarCRM.

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