Integrate your CRM System

Every organization aims to provide customers with more targeted and adapted experiences that is why every website of a particular business should not exist as a separate entity.  Sitecore has just integrated its Web CMS and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Stored in your CRM system are information on prospects and customers.  And this article will provide you topics on how you integrate your data with your web content management system in a more personalized experience. Salespeople can learn more from interactions that happen on the website and with the detailed analytics, can help them provide a better service.

Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite brings together web analytics; marketing automation and web content management to provide this personalize customer experience. Sitecore Web CMS integrates with Dynamics CRM v3 or v4. This integration offers CRM System with up to date information on prospects and activities of customer on such website. With CRM System, automatic creation of new customers and prospects based on the completion of registration is enabled. The important thing is, in this way, customer and prospect data is up to date because users are able to update their email or contact information via website forms using Sitecore Web CMS Forms for Marketers. This integration process also allows you to create more personalized experience for a website visitor based on information stored about them in the CRM.

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